Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Etsy Fame Featured Seller: Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker has been creating her beautiful products in her home in North East Columbus, Ohio for the past 6 years. Her creative focus is on making quality handmade handbags, tote bags, sleep masks, and business card cozies. She also makes beautiful and functional aprons that are anything but ordinary.

Andrea is a mom to two young girls, ages 11 and 2, and is happily married. Her work is influenced by her mom, her family, and the world around her. Much to her credit, she also manages a part time position as a parent consultant outside of the home at a local school. She’s also active in the school PTA and added “I believe that when parents are involved in their child’s education, their child does so much better academically.” She’s also an active member of the Etsy street team Fabulous Artisic Moms (FAM).

She began her early training by the traditional method: through the teachings by her mother. She has mastered her craft skills through experience and experimentation. When asked which was her favorite projects she responded with the business card cozies. “I love to make my business card cozies. It has two pockets so you can hold 40 or more business cards. It is a simple project that only takes about an hour to make.”

Andrea currently sells her handmade goods on Etsy. To contact Andrea Baker, please visit her Etsy page.

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