Thursday, August 14, 2008

GETTING TO KNOW...Angie of Cute and Sweet

We have such talent on EtsyFAME - it's a pleasure to feature another talented Etsian every week.

This week we are getting to know Angie of Cute and Sweet

What region do you live in?

Midwest, WI
What kind of items do you create?

Hair accessories for the young and young at heart!

How long have you been creating?

Forever. I don't remember a time when I wasn't. Specifically creating hair accessories, I've been doing that for almost a year.

What are your creative influences?

My two little princesses who have a ton of curly hair

Do you work outside of the home/studio?

Not currently
If you could be in someone else's studio or kitchen, whose would that be?

I would love to be in ANYONE's kitchen who can cook. I'm an awful cook.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your goals with your business?

In five years my youngest will be entering Kindergarten (eek!) so I will most likely be working outside the home. But maybe if sales continue and more opportunities arise I won't have to!

Do you sell wholesale?

Where else can your products be found (name B&M stores or internet urls, including your own)?
Are you a member of any organizations or have any affiliations?

Just on Etsy. Wist (WI street team), Etsymom, etsykids, FAM

What is your education as it pertains to your craft?

Pick one product and describe it briefly and how long it takes to make a certain item in your store.

I'll pick my woven headband….any one of them. These are the most fun to make and take at the most 15 minutes—if all goes well. I have so much fun coming up with color combinations. Just when I think I have all the color combinations I could possibly have, colors sort of jump out at me!

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