Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting to know Lily of Sweet and Tranquil

Andrea : What region do you live in?
Lily : I Live in Halton Hills Ontario Canada,.I Grew up in a big city and moved to this small town a few years ago, as I wanted a quieter life style to raise my family

Andrea : What kind of items do you create?
Lily : Currently I am creating Bath and Body Products as well as Jewelry. In my spare time I also Crochet, Paint and Sew. I am always trying new things

Andrea : How long have you been creating?
Lily : I first started creating at a young age when my Aunt taught me to Crochet and my mother taught me to cross stitch. As I got older I worked in a Craft store here in Canada and starting trying new crafts. About 2 years ago I started making Bath and Body products and fell in love with the creativity and satisfaction of making my own soap.

Andrea : What or Who are your creative influences?
Lily : As I was growing up I was influenced by my mother who I thought could do anything. She was able to sew, needlepoint and was the best cook. You could always find me tagging along with my mother to help with whatever she was doing. My father also influenced me as he was had the ability to make anything. I would ask for a bird house for the backyard and my father would take me out to the garage and we would make the bird house. I am still influenced by my early childhood as well as Food/Cooking .

Andrea : Do you work outside of the home/studio?
Lily : After my Son was born I quit my job and began a new chapter in my life being a stay at home mom.

Andrea : If you could be in someone else's studio or kitchen, whose would that be?
Lily : I would love to be in the Barefoot Contessa – Ina Garten’s kitchen. I watch her show religiously and have all of her cookbooks.

Andrea : Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your goals with your business?
Lily : As far as the business, I hope to have a larger Wholesale base and expand my website to start selling my products there as well as Etsy.

Andrea : Do you sell wholesale/consignment?
Lily : Yes I Sell Wholesale as well as have one consignment account.

Andrea : Where else can your products be found?
Lily : Currently I am selling my products in a shop in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario called Rarefunk http://www.rarefunk.ca/. as well as my 2 shops on Etsy. http://www.sweetandtranquil.etsy.com and http://www.sweettranquiljewelry.etsy.com

Andrea : Are you a member of any organizations or have any affiliations?
Lily : I am a member of FAM, Fabulous Artistic Moms { http://fam-fabulousartisticmoms.blogspot.com }

Andrea : What is your education as it pertains to your craft?
Lily : I am self taught.

Andrea : What is your favorite part of creating handmade items?
Lily : I love the entire creative process. Thinking of an idea of what I want to create and then finding the components to have it come to fruition.
Andrea : Please take some time and visit Sweet and Tranquil's blog.
{ http://sweetandtranquil.blogspot.com/ }


sewinggranny said...

Great feature...good luck Lily!

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Those soaps look almost too good to use - almost!!

Lisa K. of XSBaggage & Co. said...

Lovely interview, and her soaps look fantastic!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Fantastic interview! Her shop is just beautiful!